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Kylie Schachte

I am a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, where I studied such wide-ranging topics as comparative neuroscience and the cultural history of the United Status through literature and film. Since graduating, I have worked as a freelance editor while writing my own novel, Fists, Lies, & Alibis, which was a Pitch Wars 2017 selection.

The star of this book is Flora Calhoun, a sixteen-year-old detective. Flora came to me in early 2015, at a point in my life when every time I turned on the news, I had to ask myself new and difficult questions about the criminal justice system. I was trying to understand what exactly constitutes justice, who gets to have it, who is allowed to be a victim, and who we collectively decide not to feel sorry for. All of these questions led me to Flora. I wondered what it might mean to have a teenage girl, an inherent outsider to the system, solve crimes. Not just the sometimes frivolous crimes a la Nancy Drew, but the real, gut-clenching horrors of the modern age. Sexual assault. Police brutality. The stuff on the news.

By day, I tutor math (among other things) to teenage girls. I was a smartass slacker in high school, and many of my teachers wrote me off as a lost cause early on, something that happens to too many young women, especially in math and science. I had to re-teach myself algebra at 23 for a new job, and by accident I discovered that I love it. On my good days, I like to think of my work as part of a grand scheme to dismantle the patriarchy.

The girls I work with are the reason I write characters like Flora. Every day I am impressed by the depth of their insight, their empathy, and their awareness of social issues and politics. The kids I work with have serious, complex questions about the world around them, and I strive to write YA that engages them in that conversation.

Besides work and writing, I love reading pretty much everything I can get my hands on, especially YA of all genres and popular science. On any given night in my house, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, or Veronica Mars is probably on in the background.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and our very clumsy cat, Matilda. Yes, she is named after the Roald Dahl character. Telekinetic powers unconfirmed.

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